Information for Players

If you are interested in playing in the Storm of Chaos campaign, there are a few big things you can do in the short term:

  1. Subscribe to our newsletter (the link is to the left).  This is the most reliable way to stay up to date with everything that we’re doing.  You’ll receive updates on list testing, pre-campaign events, hobby challenges, etc.  It will also make it much easier for you to know when the campaign website is live and you can register your official campaign account.
  2. Read up on the background of the campaign, and figure out which army you will fight for next summer.
  3. Spread the word about the campaign.  We aren’t Games Workshop, so we don’t have the guaranteed reach of the actual company.

Otherwise, once the campaign starts the level of involvement is totally up to you.  You can simply play your normal games at the club, in your basement, at tournaments and log those results on the website to help your side.  You can certainly get more involved however – you will have the option of attaching yourself to a gaming club to help make your results count for more (strength in numbers!).  We will be scouring the net for player written fiction to incorporate into the official story, we’ll be looking for models to showcase, battle reports to highlight – you name it!

We want this event to be a celebration of Warhammer as played around the world, and we want you all to get involved!