Army List Testing

Updated: 9/4/13 0.71 is now out.  The following changes were made:

Grimgor’s ‘Ard Boyz

-Added the CORRECT list


Our first wave of lists are done!  Click here to download the lists!

We have the following lists ready for testing:

  • Kislev (including updated rule for fielding allied contingents)
  • Army of Sylvania
  • Be’lakor the Dark Master
  • Clan Eshin
  • Cult of Slaanesh
  • Dread Legion of Archaon
  • Errantry War
  • Grimgor’s ‘Ard Boyz
  • High Elf Sea Patrol
  • Middenland
  • Slayers of Karak Kadrin


Lists Yet To Be Released:

  • Surprise New List (?????)
  • Surprise New List 2 (?????)

IMPORTANT!  If you are testing lists, please use the feedback form in the link below.  THIS is the crucial part of our testing!



Click Here for : Feedback Form for Army List Playtesting if the embedded form doesn’t work.

Remember – this is the alpha version of these lists.  Your playtesting WILL have an influence on the final version that we will put out!