Theaters of War

Welcome to the Theaters of War page, where you can get information on the different areas that will be engulfed in the fighting during the Storm of Chaos.  Some races may be able to choose which theater they fight in, while others must dedicate their efforts to a pre-assigned region.  There is one Primary Theater and four Secondary Theaters.  Secondary theaters are sub plots in the campaign, but they are important sites of combat that could easily influence the major focus of the campaign taking place in the primary theater.  As we get closer to the campaign, we will reveal the details of the theaters, including the bonuses various factions can unlock towards their goals in the primary theater.

The Empire

Primary Theater of War: Empire / Kislev

Surtha Lenk’s invasion force of thousands of chaos warriors made it clear what the target is: the greatest nation of men in the Old World.  The largest Chaos invasion ever recorded is mustering for the civilized states.  Despite the severity of the threat, the Empire is slow to muster.  While the Emperor can claim sovereignty, he is still an elected ruler and must deal with the politics of the various Elector Counts.  States such as Ostland and Ostermark are calling on the other realms to aid them, but refuse to cooperate and share their own resources for fear of losing their own land.  More southern bastions such as the city of Nuln hesitate to commit their resources, for fear that they would be decimated should the northern lands be overrun.  Karl Franz is expelling every ounce of diplomatic energy he has to rally his state troops, but it will take time.  Worse still, it is as of yet unknown where the hordes of Chaos will strike.


Secondary Theater of War: Laurelorn laurelorn

One realm that has been able to respond quite quickly to the call to arms by the Emperor is Nordland.  That province usually had to devote a significant portion of its forces to clearing  the forest of beastmen, yet within the last few weeks the forests have appeared quite peaceful.  The key word is appeared: hunters and trackers report seeing burnt out carcasses of the mutated Gors and Ungors.  Many of the bodies have been pierced several times over with arrows of unknown origin.  Locals say it is the elves of Laurelorn, Wood Elves that do interact the realms of men unlike their kin from Athel Loren.  But no humans could ever remember the elves of Laurelorn marshalling for war.  Few can guess what is going on in the dark woods of the Empire, but they know the brief respite cannot last.



 Secondary Theater: Dark Lands


Several imperial provinces sent out dispatchers to recruit ogres to fight in their forces.  Although it does not happen often, in desperate times the men of the Empire call on the greatest of sell-sword armies to aid them.  Those couriers returned empty handed, however.  None of the usual ogre contacts could be found, and there were rumors that something (or someone!) has marshaled all the ogres to war in the Dark Lands.  Few humans stray to such a cursed place, but such news is not well received when several generals were counting on ogre aid to repel the Chaos invasion.


Secondary Theater: Border Princes 



Even more concerning was the lack of human mercenaries available for the fight.  Tilean sell swords and Estalian mercenary princes refused the Imperial call to arms.  Couriers reported they were already engaged in the Border Princes, or they were readying their homelands for war.  Dark rumors have reached the court of Karl Franz that an undead menace marches from the south.  When merchants began reporting that their access to Barak Varr had been cut off, people began to fear the worst.  For the undead of Nehekhara to assault the Old World now was tragic timing indeed.



map-lustria-5 Secondary Theater: Broken Lands

From far to the west, across the great ocean, came the more interesting of news.  The greatest of human merchants that dare the long voyage reported that the mysterious Lizardmen of the New World have mustered for war and are marching north with a host of seemingly numberless Saurus and Skinks.  No one knows what has roused them to create such a large force, but their target is clear: the Druchii of Naggaroth.