What is the Storm of Chaos?

Ten years ago, Games Workshop was incredibly active in engaging its worldwide gaming community.  It had just finished up a massive global 40k campaign, the Eye of Terror, where tens of thousands of players logged hundreds of thousands of games over a two month span to determine the fate of the Cadian gate.  A year later, in 2004, it was Fantasy’s turn for a global campaign.  The campaign had a dedicated campaign website where players could log in and report battle results, a map with multiple locations to choose where to fight, and daily updates from the Loremaster of the campaign, Gav Thorpe.  The campaign also included a special campaign supplement with a whopping *TEN* armies that were officially legal and usable in the wider warhammer world, not just in the campaign.  It was considered by many to be the best event ever put on by Games Workshop.  Sadly, they haven’t done anything of that scope since and they’ve actually gone back and retcon’d all mention of the Storm of Chaos.  Newer players would notice that the timeline has actually rolled back to right before the Storm of Chaos.

The Story Background

The winds of magic have surged, blowing stronger than seen in generations.  A massive invasion approaches the frozen lands of Kislev, led by the vicious warlord Surtha Lenk.  As the armies of the Empire and Kislev mustered to challenge this gargantuan army at their doorstep, dour news came down from the north.  This was not the Chaos force: it was but a vanguard.  Word reached the court of Karl Franz that Surtha Lenk was merely a commander for the supposed Lord of End Times: Archaon.

Kislev is not the only route to the greatest nation of men.  Archaon has dispatched another commander, Vardek Crom, to attack from the east and enter the Empire through Peak Pass.

Karl Franz has called upon his allies to aid him in holding back the tides of Chaos.  The Dwarfs immediately pledged to honor their oaths, and several holds are now mustering for war.  The High Elves of Ulthuan immediately dispatched a whole fleet led by the Sea Lord Aislinn to prevent Chaos forces from crossing the Sea of Claws.   Envoys from Ulthuan were hesitant to commit more forces, however, as rumors reached the realms of men that their dark kin renewed their assault on the home island of the elves.

At the same time, more bits and fragments of news filtered back to the Empire.  There were rumors of intense fighting in the land of the Border Princes, and to the east of the Worlds Edge Mountains.  Merchants that sail to the New World report that the Lizardmen are mustering for war.  While this news is interesting to those that hold court in the Empire, most are too busy preparing their troops for war to care about the battles in distant lands.




The Campaign Basics

The campaign will kick off in summer 2014, on the ten year anniversary of the official campaign.  This is entirely fan run, and we have gathered an impressive team of free lance writers, list designers who have been published in white dwarf, and veteran tournament players and tournament organizers.  Our goal is to recreate the experience Games Workshop put on nearly ten years ago by utilizing the well developed network of forums, podcasts, twitter users, etc.

Pre Campaign: One of the reasons why our website is up so early is because there is a lot to do leading up to the campaign.  Not just for us – but for potential participants as well!

  • We have posted the draft version of some of the special army lists that we are updating from the original campaign.  We are looking for lots of playtesters to help us fine tune and adjust the lists so they are fun, but balanced that make for enjoyable games.
  • We will have hobby contests to encourage folks to build up units or models from the special army lists.
  • We will put together campaign and battle packs for gaming clubs, stores, or tournaments to put on in the months leading up to the campaign proper.  These packs will detail ways for players to have fun playing out the events right before the Storm of Chaos, like Surtha Lenk’s invasion of Kislev.  Those results will have the potential to help forge the narrative and determine under what circumstances the campaign will be starting.

During the Campaign: Once the campaign begins, we will have the main website activated.  People can register an account, pick an army to play, and log their battles.  All battles are not worth the same – the more points, for example, means the outcome is more significant.  But there are other factors involved – did you play a verified opponent, or just someone down at the club that isn’t registered for the campaign?

We are also developing a way for event organizers to upload their results, that way you can earn points for your faction while playing at tournaments?  If you didn’t play your campaign army at the tournament (e.g. you’re playing a High Elf Sea Patrol but you took Tomb Kings to the tournament), you can still earn points for your side, but at a reduced amount.

The results you post can be logged at certain locations on the map.  Each day we’ll update the strength of control, and provide a lore update of all the major events that take place.  We”ll be scouring the forums and blogs for good stories to integrate into the “official” campaign narrative … after all, that’s one of the coolest parts of a campaign like this!

The End Times are nigh …. Who will you fight for?