Posting Your Battles, Part 1

Welcome to the development updates!  We will post from time to time with updates on how the mechanics of the campaign will work, with the goal of keeping you in the loop and helping figure out how you will plan your approach to success in the Storm of Chaos campaign.  Obviously, the most important part of the campaign is the submission of game results.  We’ll cover the campaign map in a later post, but players will be able to log battles onto the website to help contribute to their side’s strength of control for that turn.

Are all battles created equally?  Obviously not, but we want to encourage people to submit battles of all sizes and in all environments.  So how will this work?


When you submit a result, by default that result is worth 100 points.  However, based on the conditions, that result can increase in value up to 200 points or drop in value down to a minimum of 20 points.  Let’s look at how this could happen:

Size of the Game

The size of the game obviously influences the significance of the result.  If an entire army is smashed, that should affect who controls a territory a lot more than if a warband is defeated.  So the following modifiers are used:

Regiment of Renown: 0.4

Warbands: 0.5

Small Game (500-999): 0.75

Medium Game (1000-1999): 0.9

Standard Game (2000-2500): 1.0

Large Game (2501-3000): 1.1

Massive (3001+): 1.3


One of the things we want to avoid is folks flooding the campaign with speculative battle results that unfairly alter the campaign and shortchange the hard work and effort folks put in to fighting the Storm of Chaos.  As such, if your opponent is not registered with the campaign then you receive a 0.5 modifier to the value of your game.  There ARE exceptions to this penalty (see below for Type of Game).

Type of Game

Another factor that influences the weight of the game is what kind of game you were playing.  A friendly game between you and a friend is much different than if you are playing in a league game at a store, or if you’re playing in a massive campaign related event that your local club is putting on.

Friendly: 1.0

Club/League Game: 1.2

Campaign Event: 1.3

Tournament: 1.3

With Club, Event, and Tournament games, your opponent does not necessarily have to be registered.  If the game is verified by the club leader, or if the result is submitted by a TO, then that serves as verification for our purposes and the usual 0.5 penalty for opponent is waived.  Players will be unable to declare that a game is part of a campaign event at their own whim.  Organizers will be able to register their event with the campaign, and either submit the results themselves in a batch or give players a code to link their results to the event.

The Army You Play

The army you field on the tabletop matters.  When you sign up for the campaign, you’ll have to identify which army you will be fighting for.  In an effort to encourage submissions, however, we are willing to take results where you do NOT use the army you signed up for.  Tournaments and club leagues came to mind when building in this rule.  So if you signed up to play the Cult of Slaanesh, you can’t really play that army at a tournament.  But we want you to log those results – they just won’t be worth the same amount of points.

The Actual Army: 1.0

Actual Army – if it is a special campaign list: 1.2

Not the Actual Army: 0.75

An Opposing Army*: 0.5

An opposing army means you fielded an army that is fighting on the opposite side of the war (e.g. you registered for Empire but you logged games from a tournament where you played Warriors of Chaos).

Army/Guild/Club Registration:

One thing we want to promote is group participation in the campaign.  If you’re a lone commander fighting near Brass Keep, and you manage to hold off a marauding band of Chaos warriors, that might help stem the tide a little bit.  If you have sworn loyalty to a much larger force, or joined a huge mercenary army and hold back the enemy at several points, that coordination will be rewarded.  People will have the chance to registered groups for the campaign and invite members to join.  This mechanic is still up in the air, and we will have variables affect it (e.g. is it a fluffy group? or just the name of your gaming club), but here is the breakdown:

No Affiliation: 1.0

Level 1 Group: 1.2

Level 2 Group: 1.4

Level 3 Group: 1.5


Did you win?  Or just draw (don’t report your losses!)?

Win: 1.0

Draw: 0.5

Capped Scores

Now, with these modifiers, someone could earn over 300 points, or as few as 5.  We have established floors and ceilings so that way you know that your score will have a minimum effect, or a maximum value.


Travis plays a 5000 point game with a registered opponent in a sponsored campaign event.  He used a campaign army and is a part of a Level 3 Club.  He won his game.

The site would calculate out the score = 100 (starting points) * 1.3 (massive game) * 1.0 (registered opponent) * 1.3 (campaign event) * 1.2 (campaign army) * 1.5 (level 3 club) * 1.0 win = 304.2

His raw score is over 300, but the cap takes it back down to 200.

Knowing Is Half the Battle

Do you need to memorize all of these variables that affect the weight of your victory?  No!  When you submit on the website, you will answer the questions about the game, and the score will be calculated for you.

Now this is subject to change, but the general format will remain the same.  Next time, we will take a look at the campaign map and how we will determine control of a region on the map.