The development website is live!

Welcome to the website for the 2014 Storm of Chaos campaign.  We are excited to be putting this project on, and we have gathered a wide array of talent to help make this effort succeed.  We have veteran writers of past online campaigns, list designers who have been published in White Dwarf, among others.  This website is just for the development leading up to the campaign.  There will be an interactive website that we are beginning to implement that will allow you to set up your player account, view the battle map, and see how each of the factions are doing.  This will take quite some time to get ready, but we need to get the word out NOW to help get folks interested and involved in the campaign.

Please look through the pages for information on how you can get involved and help with the campaign, or just stay up to date with what’s going on.  We plan on provided rules and scenarios for some pre-campaign events that will impact how the Storm of Chaos starts! More details to come.